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Entity ID: https://www.researchprofessional.com/shibboleth
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Registration authority: https://tuakiri.ac.nz/ (since 21/05/2014)
Registration policy: https://tuakiri.ac.nz/documents/tuakiri-mrps-1.0.pdf
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Display name: Research Professional (live)
Description: Research Professional is our intuitive platform for online access to all our news and funding services. It provides access to your entire organisation through a convenient site licence. So you can subscribe to any of our services and you and all your colleagues will be able to access the services through Research Professional. It also provides sophisticated tools to help researchers and managers within an organisation work together more effectively. And increasingly it integrates with internal systems such as Current Research Information Systems to give users a seamless experience.
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Organization name: researchresearch.com
Organization display name: Research
Organization URL: http://www.researchresearch.com/
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