ACOnet web portal

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on May 6, 2021, 3 a.m. (3 hours, 20 minutes ago)

Entity ID:
Entity type: SP
Registration authority: (since 16/11/2015)
Registration policy: None
Certificates statistics:
  • sha1: 1
Entity Categories:
Display name: ACOnet web portal
Description: The ACOnet web portal login area offers ACOnet participants access to detailed participant data, the personal user profile and subscribed mailing lists, information about working groups, registration to events, as well as ACOnet statistics and a network monitor.
Information URL:
Privacy statement URL: No information provided.
Organization name: ACOnet
Organization display name: ACOnet
Organization URL:
  • Technical details:

Supported protocols:
  • SAML 2.0
Required attributes:
  • urn:oid: (eduPersonPrincipalName)
Optional attributes:
  • urn:oid: (eduPersonScopedAffiliation)
  • urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.241 (displayName)
  • urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3 (mail)