Collaborative Lecture Annotation System (CLAS)

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Display name: Collaborative Lecture Annotation System (CLAS)
Description: The Collaborative Lecture Annotation System (CLAS) is a web based annotation tool for students and teachers to annotate audio/video resources (e.g. lecture capture, student created videos, performance videos in music or theater, etc.) in the same way they highlight important sections within a text medium. For example a student can watch a video explaining a concept and annotate on a time line the most important concepts explained. Additionally, students may introduce generic comments on a video (without a specific location in the time line). These annotations can then be viewed by the instructor, shared in a group, use them for peer evaluation, etc.. This scheme can be easily deployed in a wide variety of learning scenarios. Students and instructors can use CLAS to interact directly with any uploaded multi-media content (e.g. podcasts, lecture capture, pre-recorded PowerPoint presentations, etc.). Additionally CLAS offers visualisations of both the general annotations and those in the video time-line. The latter allow for the detection of areas of convergence and divergence of student comments.
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