RDB Rechtsdatenbank

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on May 27, 2023, 2 p.m. (19 hours, 46 minutes ago)

Entity ID: https://cas.manz.at/shibboleth
Entity type: SP
Registration authority: http://eduid.at (since 22/04/2015)
Registration policy: https://eduid.at/policy/mdrps/20140606
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  • sha1: 1
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Display name: RDB Rechtsdatenbank
Description: A large online database by MANZ Verlag which supplies its customers (eg. lawyers, judges, notaries, law students) with legal content like legal texts, journals, collections of verdicts, commentaries and literature on legal subjects. The content derives from MANZ Verlag and other well known publishing houses.
Information URL: http://rdb.at/
Privacy statement URL: https://cas.manz.at/shib_pp.html
Organization name: Manz'sche Verlags- und Universitätsbuchhandlung GmbH
Organization display name: MANZ
Organization URL: http://www.manz.at/
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  • SAML 2.0
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  • urn:oid: (schacPersonalUniqueCode)
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