WA Reciprocal Borrower

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on Jan. 29, 2022, 1:01 a.m. (2 hours, 15 minutes ago)

Entity ID: https://auth.lis.curtin.edu.au/shibboleth
Entity type: SP
Registration authority: https://aaf.edu.au (since 06/12/2010)
Registration policy: https://aaf.edu.au/media/metadata/aaf-mdrps-v1.1.pdf
Certificates statistics:
  • sha256: 2
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Display name: WA Reciprocal Borrower
Description: Online Reciprocal Borrowing registration is available to current students and staff of Curtin, ECU, Murdoch, UWA and UNDA. You can now register online before travelling to the libraries from which you wish to borrow so that your record is available on their system. You will still need to provide your home university ID card and your university email address when you first borrow items.
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Organization name: curtin.edu.au
Organization display name: Curtin University
Organization URL: http://curtin.edu.au
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Supported protocols:
  • SAML 1.1
  • SAML 2.0
Required attributes:
  • urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1 (uid)
  • urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3 (email)
Optional attributes:
  • urn:oid: (eduPersonScopedAffiliation)
  • urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.241 (displayName)
  • urn:oid: (commonName)
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