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Display name: Masaryk University - Atlases - Pathology Images
Description: are continuously built and maintained atlases of pathology. These atlases contain thousands of images (clinical, macroscopic and microscopic) and short introductory texts. The atlases have many co-authors and contributors and are the result of international cooperation. Microscopic images are taken in very high resolution and virtual microscope interface is used to access such images. Images are annotated, so that arrows pointing to important image details can be activated. The Atlas of Dermatopathology has more than 5500 images and is equipped with expert systems for epithelial skin tumors and non-tumorous skin diseases. This atlas can be used for pregraduate and postgraduate teaching and diagnostic reference. The atlas was described in the article "Hypertext atlas of dermatopathology with expert system for epithelial tumors of the skin", Feit, J and Kempf, W and Jedlickova, H and Burg, G, Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 2005, No. 6, pp 433 -- 437. The Atlas of Fetopathology consists of several hundreds of images (macroscopic and microscopic) and can be used as a learning resource of pre- and perinatal pathology. The Atlas for pregraduate students consists of several thousands of images (macrocopic, histologic, images from various imaging methods - MRI, CT, endoscopy and other) and can be used as complementary image source for pregraduate pathology students. All the atlases are accessible for free. Registration is required and all the atlases can be accessed either using individual login or through identity federations.
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